Insurance Update

As 2020 grows closer, we will continue to share information to help Lopezians navigate changes in the health insurance market. In addition to the various meetings taking place, you can obtain information on both the Individual market and MedicareAdvantage plan offerings on the web links below. Important to note that information specific to the LifeWise provider network will not be live on the Washington Health Plan Finder website until November 1st.

LifeWise FAQ for Individual insurance plans (under 65).

Coverage will start January 1, 2020. Current Kaiser Permanente members will be “mapped” to LifeWise plans. Here are some basics of how you will be notified, actions required, and how LifeWise will support the transition.

1. How are customers being notified of this change? Kaiser members should have received notification in September letting you know Kaiser is leaving San Juan County.
2. What are next steps for customers? The Washington Health Benefit Exchange (WAHBE) will notify the Kaiser members in late October/early November that you are being “mapped” to a LifeWise plan at the same metallic level as what you had with Kaiser. You can remain on the plan or select a different LifeWise plan through the WA Health Benefits Exchange.
IMPORTANT: Pay close attention to your mail and make sure to pay your first bill with LifeWise. While you will be mapped to a new plan, your auto-pay will not transfer. You must reset any auto-pay that was in place with Kaiser.
3. How do I find out if my doctor is in the LifeWise network? Visit the LifeWise Find Care Tool and search under the LifeWise Primary network. Note: LifeWise made an exception for patients of the UW Medicine Lopez Island Clinic who will be able to be referred into the broader UW Medicine system as in-network. Locally, Island Hospital, PeaceHealth, Providence/St. Joseph, Swedish, and Skagit Regional Hospital are all in-network.
4. How do I find out about prescription coverage? Visit the LifeWise website and select “Look for a 2020 plan,” and Select a plan. Prescription drug coverage shows within each plan detail.
5. What about specific prescriptions? Each plan summary on has an embedded deep link where you can search for your prescription medications.
6. What can customers expect with LifeWise? LifeWise plans were designed specifically for the Individual market to meet the needs of their customers. LifeWise gives you freedom with your plan – you can see any provider in the LifeWise Primary network, no referrals required.
7. What else is there to be excited about?

All LifeWise plans include:

  • No-cost preventive exams, screenings and vaccinations.
  • A Free 24-Hour NurseLine, and $15 copy for telehealth visit (except HSA plan)
  • Unlimited office visits at a $30 copay when seeing your designated primary care providers, naturopaths included (limit of 3 on catastrophic plan).
  • Acupuncture, chiropractic and massage care are available with a copay.
  • Preferred generic prescriptions are covered with a low copay on most plans.
  • Discounts program to save you money, including a 17% savings on Fitbit fitness products.