UW Medicine Lopez Island Clinic Leadership Update

Please take note of this upcoming change from UW Primary Care Clinic on Lopez:

We want to inform you of an upcoming change at the clinic. Our outstanding clinic manager, Crystal Rovente, has decided to reduce her schedule effective March 1, 2023. Crystal will transition from a 1.0 full-time equivalent (FTE) to a 0.8 FTE and will be in clinic Monday through Thursday. We assure you that this change will not affect the level of service at the clinic, as Crystal has graciously agreed to remain flexible to assist with critical coverage and events. In addition, Mark Bresnick, North Region Assistant Administrator, UW Medicine Primary Care, and north region managers will be on point to handle manager-related issues should the need arise.

Not only is the timing precisely right for Crystal, but the timing at the clinic also couldn’t be better. Now that the RNs report directly to Nursing Leadership, the number of Crystal’s direct reports has reduced. A win-win situation.

Our heartfelt thanks to Crystal for her endless support and dedication to your care and the clinic. We’re so thankful for the great timing and the commitment of others to ensure we continue to cover your healthcare needs in the new year.