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UW Medicine Update & Vital Summer Appointment Tips 

As we say goodbye to Wen Murphy, ARNP, in June and recruit a new primary care provider, we expect that what’s foremost on everyone’s minds is what we are doing to bring in additional help and ensure you get the care you need when you need it. 

First, we have hired Preicy Frianeza-Garin, ARNP, who will be dedicated to providing remote support just for Lopez Island. If you hear us refer to her role as a Flex APP, this is the language we use for providers who provide clinical support, such as telemedicine visits, but will not serve as a primary care provider. Also, if her name sounds familiar, that is because she completed her student training at the clinic with Wen. We are thrilled she is joining us, and her expected start date is August 1.  

Second, in addition to Ms. Frianeza-Garin providing remote support, we continue to recruit a new in-clinic primary care provider. We will share updates with you as soon as possible. 

Now, back to the brass tacks. Here are vital tips to ensure you receive timely care this summer: 

Scheduling an Appointment: We are temporarily limiting patient scheduling via MyChart. If you cannot locate an appointment when you’d like one, please call the clinic directly to schedule at 360.468.2245 and press #2 to be connected to the front desk, as we are reserving same-day appointments for urgent conditions. Calling and talking with clinic staff will allow us to prioritize same-day appointments and ensure patient care based on medical necessity or urgency.  

Sports Physicals: We will only have a limited number of wellness appointments available each day to ensure we can see medically urgent patients as needed. Please call ahead to schedule your sports physical now to ensure you complete one before practices start.  For more information or scheduling, please contact the Clinic at 360- 468-2245 (push 2).

New and Existing Molina and Apple Health Patients: Please get in touch with your insurance company to update your PCP/Clinic information before scheduling an appointment. These insurance companies require you to identify a PCP, and they will deny visits and not cover care to another provider unless this is updated each time.  

Thank you to the wonderful Lopez community for your patience and understanding as we onboard Ms. Frianeza-Garin and recruit a new in-clinic primary care provider. Dr. Dougan and our excellent clinic staff are doing their very best to provide you with the same great care and service. 

If you have questions or concerns about the operation or services provided by the UW Medicine Lopez Island Clinic, please contact Crystal Rovente, Clinic Manager. Crystal can be reached at 360- 468-2245 or via email: crovente@uw.edu. You may also contact Patient Relations – UW Medicine Primary Care, 206-520-4294 or uwpc-cares4u@uw.edu.