COVID Vaccine – The Role of the local pharmacy

“The nationwide frenzy to get Covid-19 vaccines has been complicated, frustrating, and downright exhausting for millions of Americans. But take a moment to consider the plight of your local pharmacist.” This is how a report titled “Overloaded schedules and ‘Covid cowbells’: For pharmacists, the Covid-19 vaccine rollout brings exhaustion, but some relief” begins.

On Lopez Island, residents and guests could not be more fortunate for the dedication and commitment of Marge and Rick McCoy, the entire team at the Lopez Island Pharmacy, and a host of volunteers from the COVID Health Support group. Together with Lopez Island Fire & EMS and the County, they executed delivery of the COVID vaccine so flawlessly it looked easy – yet nothing could be farther from the truth.

The additional time it took to become educated on how to obtain, store, handle, schedule and administer the new vaccine was daunting. There were, and continue to be, changes to processes on a regular basis. Being able to stay informed and coordinate vaccine events took an army of dedicated professionals, and it is the hard working pharmacists, staff and volunteers who will be in this for the very long haul.

I encourage everyone to read what’s going on around the Country to gain an even deeper appreciation for what the Lopez Island Pharmacy and our wonderful group of volunteers has been able to accomplish. You can access the full article HERE.

In continued gratitude to the Lopez Island Pharmacy and everyone involved in the successful vaccine effort that will keep our Lopez community safe.