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As we continue to read and respond to feedback captured from the 2019 Health Care Survey and June 19th Community Conversation, we’ve identified that many Lopezians aren’t aware of the services available at the UW Medicine Lopez Island Clinic.

In addition to the standard Primary Care services, there are new services being added on a regular basis. You can talk directly with the Clinic or visit UW Medicine Lopez Clinic to see the latest information. Please visit the FAQ page for answers to commonly asked questions.

For those who would like to print the Questions and Answers, click here to download the FAQ for printing.


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4 thoughts on “Clinic Information”

  1. Look two weeks ago
    my cardiologist requested a blood test prior to my heart surgery in 3 days. When I asked to confirm Lopez would be forwarding the results they said yes. Unfortunately Lopez clinc failed to forward the results to my cardiologist. This is the third time in the last year and a half Lopez Clinc has failed to interact with my medical team off island on the simplest of requests. Unfortunately for my family and fellow islanders it is apparent the U W cannot provide the services they were contracted to perform with any consistancy. You can continue to put the UW PR team on stage for the public. However they do not address the reality of marginal medical service islanders are currently receiving via UW medical.
    Personally I would prefer giving the million plus currently servicing the UW contract to the Lopez EMT’s. Since the UW is deferring most BLS and ALS to them anyway. It is a shame that the UW medical administrators can’t help or won’t
    help mitigate this problem.

    1. Hi Kim – we definitely want to hear feedback from the community so we are aware of the gaps and can pursue remedy with UW. I appreciate your feedback and will follow-up with you for more details.

  2. it would be great if they added a question about blood draws for residents who don’t use clinic services for their primary care but have cancer or need regular screening. or at least if that info was on line SOMEWHERE, maybe on your site. thx, Peggy


    1. That’s GREAT feedback Peggy Means. Thank you for the suggestion and I’ll be sure to ask the clinic to add that to the list. Once we have the text I’ll also post and update here.

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