Terms Of Conduct

In order to maintain a civil and productive atmosphere for discussion, the Lopez Island Hospital District has formalized our Terms of Conduct for commenting on this website’s posts.

The District invites everyone to participate in the public healthcare discussion, including making comments on articles and updates that are posted on the website. The District welcomes all thoughts and opinions, and only asks that comments are made in a respectful and productive manner. Please be aware that all comments are moderated and reviewed against our Terms of Conduct before being posted.

We reserve the right to not post or remove any comments that violate the following basic Terms:

  • When you comment you are responsible for what you write.
  • No profanity will be tolerated, including words that are “creatively” spelled or implied with “***” or “—” to fill in missing letters.
  • Comments that are abusive, mean-spirited, racist, sexist, threatening or hateful will be removed.
  • Comments should be on topic, thought-provoking and/or add value to the discussion.

Thank you for being engaged and participating in the healthcare discussion.


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